DSU Data Upload Instructions


For faster response, please upload the DSU Data via internet. As an alternative, you may elect to mail us the USB drive with your DSU download.

Quick Analysis Of Recent Faults

This requires only 10 last flight files. The Upload part is the same but selecting only last 10 files will speed up the upload process. In this case uploading all of the files is not necessary, however you will still need to Zip or Rar the files into one. We strongly recommend to upload all of the files and use this method only if you have limited access to internet or limited time that will not allow complete upload to finish.

Selecting last 10 flights

After downloading the DSU Data onto a USB drive, open it with your computer and navigate to "operational" directory. Under "operational" you should see "flightHistory" folder. In it are the files necessary for analysis. Starting from the last one, select 10 latest files and, if using WinRar right-click on the selection and select "add to flightHistory.rar" to archive it. After archiving completes, only the "flightHistory.rar" file will need to be uploaded.

Zipping, or Archiving All The Files

This method is strongly recommended and will possibly prevent us requesting files older than 10 recent flights although will require longer upload. After downloading your aircraft's DSU Data onto a USB drive, you will see a folder on it named "operational". For easier and faster upload, the folder must be compressed into single file, via WinZip, or WinRar.

If using WinRar, Right-click on the "operational" folder, containing DSU files, and select "Add to operational.rar" This will create a single file package of all the files under "operational" folder and place it next to it. Only the "operational.rar" will need to be uploaded.

Uploading the DSU Data File

The file most likely is to big to email. So in order to upload it error-free, we have an FTP server to upload it to. Please Contact Us for the login information. FTP will ensure error-free upload even if the process will interrupt for any reason. FTP clients will automatically resume uploading from where they left off.

DSU Data Upload Procedure and FTP Usage Instructions

In order to use our FTP server you will need to download and install a free FTP Client program. If you already have one then you can skip this instruction and upload the file on your own.

FileZilla is a free FTP client which works well with our server.

Download and install the Client application.

In the main window uder "Host" you will enter airspeedaviationllc.com

Username and Password will be provided to you via E-mail that you have used to contact us via the Contact Us form, email or phone. Please, do not hesitate to call our office for technical assistance and login information.

Port will be 21

Then all you need to do is select Quickconnect, navigate in the left side of the window, or "Local Site" to the .rar or .zip file you have created earlier, right-click on it and select "Upload". The Client will then automatically upload the file and upon completion will display "Response: Transfer Complete" in the uppermost status window.

You can verify that the transfer has completed successfuly by comparing the Filesize of the .rar/.zip file between right side of the window, or "Remote Site" with left side of the window or "Local Site". They should be the same.

You have succesfuly uploaded the DSU Data.

If you are experiencing trouble with downloading DSU Data from your aircraft, Zipping or Raring it, or uploading it via the FTP, do not hesitate to call or email us for assistance.

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