What is the DSU?


DSU, or Data Storage Unit, is a very important, and required maintenance tool. It is required to perform engine FADEC fault interrogations, which are required by PWC for Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Practices. It enables quick troubleshooting of the problems, and is the only means of performing many adjustments to various aircraft systems. It is the main means of connecting the AMC (AVIO maintenance computer) to the aircraft. As an example, one of the many uses of it is adjusting the VCS and VORE door travel limits. These doors have been known to occasionaly travel past their designed limits and jamming. A simple but careful adjustment via the AMC, connected to your aircraft can solve this issue.

Does it collect flight data?

While the DSU does collect a lot of aircraft data, it is solely for the purpose of troubleshooting. Knowing such things as airspeed, altitude, teperature among the rest in addition to the raw error information can significantly shorten the time to isolate faults enabling us to quickly resolve the issues and return your aircraft to service in the shortest time possible.

DSU Update Service Bulletin

We also provide DSU software update, as per Eclipse Aviation Service Bulletin SB500-31-013, REV A, which greatly increades the usability and reliability of the DSU and is strongly recommended.

DSU Safety Practices

DSUs are very sensitive devices and require couple of simple steps in order to maintain reliable service life. The only requirements associated with them are to allow some time, 2-3 minutes, in between power-up / power-down cycles on the aircraft. This is due to the DSU requiring a short amount of time to properly startup or shutdown. When you turn the aircraft on, it is in a startup cycle and needs to complete it before initiating a shutdown cycle and likewise, during power-down of the aircraft it requires few minutes to properly shutdown as well. It is internally powered by a capacitor for that short time.

What does it all mean to you as an operator? When you turn ON the electrical power in your aircraft, avoid turning it OFF immediately (unless in an emergency) for first 2-3 minutes (or untill all PFD and MFD indications are normal). More importantly, after turning the electrical power off, avoid powering up the aircraft immediately. Wait another 2-3 minutes before returning the power to the systems, which will allow the DSU to complete its' shutdown cycle, and be ready for another startup cycle.

These simple two steps will protect your DSU from all power-related faults.

If you have any questions regarding the DSU, feel free to contact us.

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