Eclipse Jet Maintenance

Airspeed Aviation LLC is an experienced Eclipse 500 maintenance provider. We provide maintenance and management services to a large number of owner/operators of the Eclipse 500 in California and neighboring States.

Scheduled Maintenance

100 hour, 300 hour/24 month and 1200 hour/48 month scheduled maintenance checks, 1 year/300 hour engine inspections and service and 6 month battery capacity checks. 3 month/300 hour FADEC fault interrogation per the Pratt and Whitney continued airworthiness requirements/ scheduled maintenance checks and provide you with logbook entries. 24 month pitot-static system checks, 60 day ELT checks. On condition tire and brake changes, oxygen and nitrogen servicing are all part of the services we provide.

Unscheduled Maintenance

When your aircraft requires troubleshooting or you find yourself in an A.O.G. situation, contact us for repair and assistance. Our troubleshooting experience on the EA500 aircraft is unmatched. Issues we have resolved include the following: flap assymetry lockouts repair and rigging, Generator and GCU faults, engine hot/hung starts, FMU troubleshooting, VCS and VORE door faults and rigging, ADC system troubleshooting and repair, landing and taxi light failures, interior lighting faults, ELT system troulbeshooting, climate control faults, oil pump failures, center switch panel faults, various electric anomalities, altitude splits, airspeed splits, random autopilot and yaw dampener disconnects, stickpusher failures, uncommanded trim mismatch, GPS failures and many more.

Service Bulletins

We have a complete list of service bulletins and AD's published for the EA500 aircraft and PWC610F-A engines. Let us review your current service bulletin and AD compliance records and assist you with maintaining currency.

Our recent finds and troubleshooting have yielded an Alert Service Bulletin regarding a leaking secondary fuel tube. ASB 73-10-01.

1 Year 300 Hour Engine Inspections

Airspeed Aviation LLC works closely with Pratt and Whitney Service Engineering and Spares Support, enabling us to quickly and efficiently perform 12 month engine inspections, identify and resolve any discrepancies and return your PW610F-A to service. Normal turn time for this inspection is 2 days. We have been able to perform this inspection in 24 hours in the past. Please use the Contact Page to reserve a time slot convenient for you as well as request a price quote.

We also provide more involved support regarding the engines, with help from Pratt and Whitney, including tasks outside of Line Maintenance Practices. One of the examples would be an Oil Pump Replacement.

DSU Data Analysis

What is the DSU, how is it used and how do you benefit from it? Find out here.

We currently have the capability to read your aircraft's raw DSU data and provide you with trend analysis, troubleshooting and fault isolation. This information provides us with capability to accurately troubleshoot your aircraft or provide ourselves or your technicians with assistance with determining parts at fault in a minimal time. If you would like further information regarding the DSU download read, please contact us via this web-site or call our office and see our DSU upload page.