A.O.G. Support

Airspeed Aviation LLC is able to provide unmatched A.O.G. support, be it a flight out to meet you at a remote location, resolve the situation or provide you transportation to your destination of choice if your aircraft cannot be flown.

Flight Out

If it is required, we are able to dispatch a team to fly to the location of your aircraft, and address the issues making the aircraft at least up to ferryable condition. We may be able to dispatch you back to your home base or provide transportation in one of our aircraft while staying behind and resolving the issues with yours.

Unairworthy Ferry

Airspeed Aviation LLC is able to aquire ferry permits through FAA to relocate your aircraft to KHWD for maintenance. We can arrange both, the pickup and delivery of your aircraft or pick you up and fly you to KHWD.

Company Aircraft

Cessna T182 - Heavy equipment and A.O.G. crew ferry.

We also have access to few other light aircraft available to use for company needs.

In addition to flying out to meet the customer, we are able to utilize company vehicles for short trips and to save the end cost.