Tech Corner

- Starter/Generator Power/Ground Grommet SB - An Alert Service Bulletin, considered Mandatory at or prior 24 months/300 hr airframe inspection. The SB is applicable to aircraft with Serial Numbers between 1 and 134. The original issue was the possibility of chafing between electrical cables and fuselage skin due to the size of the grommet.

Above: Original Grommet. Below: New Replacement Grommet.

Notice the larger size and gapless installation.

- Yet More Caps! - Yet another discovery of the caps! This aircraft has been flying for over a year with not just one, but both caps installed.

- Bent Pitot Line at The Probe - Installation error at the factory? This is an evidence of overtorquing or possibly torquing without supporting the part. The fragile aluminum tube coming out of the probe appears to be twisted in the direction of the AN nut being tightened. This was discovered at the time of troubleshooting an ADC error.

- Oil Pump Failure - chip detector CAS message leads to a lathed oil pump idler gear. Oil sample was sent to Pratt and Whitney for analysis, which yielded a quick and correct diagnosis. Assuming the engine is being operated according to Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Program, this item was covered by First Run Warranty.

- Alet Service Bulletin for PW610F-A - after our recent find of a leaking secondary fuel tube, which cracked at the weld, an Alert Service Bulletin, ASB 73-10-01, was published urging owners of these engines to replace the part in question if the engines have not exceeded 200 hours TIS. Click on the picture for a larger, enhanced view.

- Mysterious "Click" when moving elevator control to full UP - simply binding deformed cover on top of elevator hinge

- Static drain valves on your EA500 are located behind the pilots' rudder pedals. Do not forget about them. We had seen a few operators in our experience who do not regularly drain the system or had the SB done.


- It is much easier to cotter-pin the castle nuts securing the gear door with the gear retracted.


- Eclipse Aviation Service Bulletin SB500-34-021, Rev A Static Drain Line Inspection For Protective Caps. Recently we have found one aircraft with a static line protective cap installed.


- Portable 28 Volt GPU Works great with EA500 to charge the onboard batteries in the field. Powered by a small Honda Generator. The output is limited by the capacity of the generator.